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FlightAware / PiAware Running Log

How could I display a current, running log of my FlightAware / PiAware software? I know you can see the last few lines of the log in “My ADS-B” Control Panel, but I would like to enable a real-time, running log… if that is possible. Thanks for any feedback.

Either locally access the RPi or use SSH/Putty:
For Beginners - How-to SSH to RPi - Setup Putty in Windows

sudo journalctl -f

Or if you only want piaware because the log is being spammed by something else:

sudo journalctl -f -u piaware
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Give this command
cat /var/log/piaware.log

To issue commands:
Connect a mouse, monitor, and keyboard to RPi and use its terminal
SSH using Terminal (Mac)
SSH using PuTTY (Windows)

Thank you very much!

Above command outputs log, which keeps on updating every 5 minutes. It is dynamic. :+1:

cat /var/log/piaware.log displays log up to the time command was given, but do not update after that point in time. It is static.

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To follow a file while it is being updated, you can use:

tail -f /var/log/piaware.log