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Piaware service, no log file anymore

Hello all,

I’m running into a weird trouble.
I’m running piaware 3.7.1 on an OrangePi zero, w/ Raspbian OS. Everything is running fine for months, even over a year.
The system is up and fully running.

What’s bugging me, is there used to be a log file (/var/log/piaware.log). I tried to set up a logfile rotation to minimize the use of the SD card (even if I have a lot of free space, and keeping months of records is useless for me).
Rotation worked fine, but the piaware.log file remained empty.

I’ve deleted it, recreated it with the same owner; group & permissions (got a sleeping, deactivated install on a raspi elsewhere), uninstalled & reinstalled piaware (apt-get remove piaware --purge) to not avail.

Log messages still appear in syslog & on FA’s “My ADS-B” page.

Does anybody have a clue, or do I need to enable logging to file ? I can’t remember having done this before.


sudo journalctl -eu piaware

No need for a log file.

piaware.log is written by syslogd. Check your syslogd configuration.
(The default configuration for this is in /etc/rsyslog.d/piaware.conf)

I’d also note that the piaware package already installs a logrotate configuration (/etc/logrotate.d/piaware)

Log files are very useful for looking at historical data, which journalctl won’t (easily) do for you.

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If you want only piaware logs, then a log file probably makes sense.

Otherwise journald can be configured to keep its logs around. (also not that hard to configure)

Great! Logfile now gets filled.

I’ll never know why the configuration line for piaware was missing (although the last modification date was dec 15th).

Thank you for your quick answer that pointed me to the right place!

Best regards,

Not if you want any sort of granular control over the logs; it’s mostly all-or-nothing. syslog + logrotate is far more flexible.