View the output of my Piaware in real time


Is it possible to TAIL a certain file that will show in real time what my Piaware is actually out putting?

Just out of interests sake really.


Hi Gavin,

You probably want something that is human readable.

It is possible to telnet to ip.of.your.pi on port 30003 and see real-time output, but it is in basestation format and not something you can easily view.

You would probably enjoy using view1090 with something like below. View1090 can connect to dump1090-fa (or any dump10900) and display the output real-time to screen or a log. Then you could tail the log, but it would scroll too quickly to read. It would be best to log a few minutes and then view the log with your favorite editor.

I normally log with the command options as below:

pi@piaware:~ $ cat run-view1090-fa-log-all
view1090-fa --no-interactive --net-bo-ipaddr --net-bo-port 30005 --lat 30.4 --lon -086.8 > view1090-log-all.log

The and 30005 are both defaults. They are not required if running view1090 on the same device running dump1090. The lat/long is only required if you receive ground traffic. The coordinates do not have to be high precision to work.

Make sure you check out the other view1090 command options. The --show-only is especially good for watching a single aircraft.

Have fun,