FlightAware Light option?


I’ve noticed that FlightAware has become very slow to load due to the map display in combination with advertisements. Even on more powerful servers, it is at times cumbersome. Since advertisements can’t be changed, would it be possible to customize the display for users with options have less information displayed. Specially the map display which to be frank I do not look at a lot.


What browser are you using?


Using Internet Explorer 8 on all servers. It looks like performance is related to either Java or ActiveX code being executed. To compare performance, I placed flightaware.com in the list of restricted sites which disables all code execution. When I do that, performance is excellent once more.


Give it a try once more. I suspect it was airport maps that were giving you trouble? We made some changes for sparse airports that should significantly decrease load time.


Sorry for the late response. I have tried on my slowest computer and can definately notice improvement in performance. Thanks very much!