BUG: Aircraft by Type Page Load Issue


When I browse to the aircraft by type page my browser hangs for approximately 30 seconds to a minute. It does not crash, but this is consistent on every single visit. I’ve experienced this on Google Chrome and IE8 on a Windows XP machine.


Are you refering to this page or a page like this?

Do any of the other pages with maps (flight pages, airport pages, the flight finder, etc) load slowly for you?


I can confirm this problem as well. Second link, Mac OSX, Chrome. FireFox seems to work fine. Other pages with maps are fine.


I experience the issue on both of the pages you reference as well as any other specific types I’ve tried.

Thanks for the quick response


The first page shouldn’t be slow since there’s no map, but the second page is pretty slow in IE. We’ll do something to reduce the complexity for IE so it’s not so slow.


It’s not just IE. It’s happening with Chrome as well.