FlightAware finds the plane in Green Bay!


Thanks FlightAware! I got a call from a friend last evening who had flown to the U.P. for Christmas from KFLL, and her husband was flying in from a job site in Norfolk to meet them there. Well, his NorthWest flight was late and not listed on the board at all (coming on the last leg KDTW to KGRB) So she called me from the terminal surrounded by people and said, “help, I can’t find my husbands plane”…so FlightAware to the rescue, I found it airborne and 25 minutes out and she told everyone in earshot that the Northwest flight noone could find was being tracked on your website out of someones house in South Florida! Needless to say when I had him about 7 minutes out, I said start watching, he should be landing now…lo and behold, he did! You should be picking up some “cheesehead packer” fans now!


Great news – that’s fantastic. We always like to hear about practical uses and certainly welcome the new users!


Curious, where in the UP are you from? My family has a cabin about 40 minutes out of Escanaba.


Hi Jgillman! No, I’m from Miami, FL. (huge Dolphins fan…great weekend for the Fins… Jets lost and Colts lost) My friend’s husband is from the U.P. and they go up a couple of times every year. I’m getting them to register with FlightAware, and I’ll tell them to contact you. It’s a small, small world, ya know!


Hey, I live in Green Bay! I’m watching the tracker now for the DC10 returning the Packers home from the game in Baltimore - boy, did we get beat bad! This was a “bad” football game. The Packers are having a real bad year but as far as spotting their charter planes its been real good - this is the 4th time they have had a DC10!



Hey “Avlover”, OUCH! Worse yet, I stayed up “east coast time” to see the whole game. I’m a Favre fan. Look on the bright side, the Ravens have ugly uniforms. (I’m sure that doesn’t help, but I took a shot.)