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Flightaware Corporate Jet?


Is this the FlightAware Corporate Jet or is it a situation like Fltpln.com (DCM) where FlightAware generates callsigns on request?




JetChaser, you asked this same question back in 2012.



True. If you read the old post you would see back then it was a Mooney, my recent question relates to a Citation Mustang (N200KP).



Fwr is the icao code given for flightaware… Call sign flightaware… A c510 is a mustang so yes.


I am surprised the FAA issues these callsigns.

Also, if it’s the FlightAware corporate jet, why does this thing never seem to get anywhere near Houston…?


We use the callsign for a variety of testing purposes. We’re not selling them like some other sites do.