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Flightaware.com is down

The fact that both FA and FR24 seemed to be having problems at the same time is very suspicious.

planefinder also offline.

Oh wow, I hadn’t realised that. Yeah, this has to be targeted, surely?

All these sites seem to be connected through cloudflare load balancing.
Could also be a network issue at this end.

btw: Planefinder is working for me

If the services displaying military aircraft in mlat are affected, then this is a plausible version.

That’s ridicolous conspiracy.

They could simply shutdown their transponders instead of performing a DDOS attack.
Beside the major sites there are others like ADSBx which will show unfiltered traffic.

Also Radarbox was/is not impacted

In this region, MLAT coverage is only available for FA and FR.
I think they cannot turn off the transponders. the flight passes through the territory of Georgia.

FR24 and FA are blocking military anyhow while Radarbox shows it.

Still doesn’t make sense to me. If they want to turn transponders off, they will.
Planeradar.ru is a russian site which is clearly the opposite of Turkey. This would be the first page they do not want to be displayed.

RB24 has registered it too:

FA did not block data until recently:

but FlightAware also feeds back all the MLAT calculations that you’ve contributed to.

Unfortunately, a very small percentage of users are re-distributing and aggregating FlightAware’s MLAT calculations, often for the purpose of tracking aircraft that have specifically requested not to be tracked and are on one or more “block lists” used by the flight tracking industry.

As a result, we have come under pressure from aircraft operators with legitimate security concerns to stop feeding MLAT data back or remove their aircraft from the feed. Specifically, a lot of the concern originates from law enforcement, military, and other government operators that appreciate our cooperation

Military Aircraft are usually not shown as far as i know. What you’re referring to is other types of aircraft.

FlightFeeder MLAT data: Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1 43C09D
Bombardier Global Express Sentinel

Few hours ago: C130J-30

back to topic.

FR24 blogged about their downtime

Here we go again…

Works for me without issues

Looks like something strange is going on, quite a few of the local feder stations here in the UK are reporting no feeds for the last 3 hours, along with my station. looking at the stats the feeders are checking in though.


Not sure what to make of it,

Confirm I’m seeing the same thing in the antipodes:

Not affecting all sites - this is one nearby site (9 NM) with roughly the same performance:

Both mine here are OK but the MTG site is showing the same stripy squares as per above. That’s connecting using a 4G EE sim and I can connect to it from here without any problem.

Looks like one of the stats processing hosts is having some problems. The raw data is OK, it just looks like stats processing issues.

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My first receiver was sending data but not processed:


I’ve restarted Piaware and now it seem to be working again:

Oct 30 10:09:45 Raspi4 piaware[2426]: mlat-client(2450): Beast-format results connection with ::1:30104: connection established
Oct 30 10:09:45 Raspi4 piaware[2426]: piaware has successfully sent several msgs to FlightAware!
Oct 30 10:10:15 Raspi4 piaware[2426]: 253 msgs recv'd from dump1090-fa; 253 msgs sent to FlightAware

My second receiver was connected all the time.

rebuild seem to be in progress. This is the current hourly distribution with some more data after 6am