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Flightaware Antenna Mounting Options - Swivel or Gimbal Mounts

Hi fellow FlightAware users,

I have a question about antenna mounts, specifically if there are any that have a swivel or gimbal as part of them. I have the antenna mounted to my roof so but because of the width of my eves, I had to mount it at about a 30 degree angle. Because of that it is not going completely perpendicular to the ground which I am sure is affecting reception if my research is correct.

I am using this mount currently with a standard pole antenna.

I was thinking of getting something like this bracket to allow me to swivel the antenna on the mount. The ratings seem pretty poor though and I can’t tell if it would be 100% compatible with the pole mount I have.

Has anyone found anything else out there that would allow me to do what I am looking for?

Thank you in advance!


Usually for eaves one uses a gable mount

or an offset wall mount(the 3 prong is the bottom bracket)
This one is 8 inches off the wall:

This one is 18" off the wall:

This should work. https://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp?p=DS-3000
Solid Signal has lots of parts.