Questions about antenna in attic

I’m planning on setting up PiAware in my attic. I’ve laid out everything I’ll need. I’m going with the FA-made antenna listed on Amazon. ( I see it comes with a bracket to attach it to another pole of some sort. But what if I don’t have any pole to begin with? What else can I attach it to? Is there a separate bracket that would make it easy to attach to joists in my attic? And how well would the reception be if/when I move it outside on the roof? It might be helpful to know that I’m right under the arrival/departure path at PHL, about 1 mile from the runways. Lastly, is there a specific direction/orientation for the antenna that is best? Thanks in advance for any help.

You should mount it oriented vertically. It will be almost completely deaf if you mount it horizontally.

1. How did you run the cable and/or hold your antenna upright?

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3. Post your PiAware setup

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I use the abcd567 approach :smiley:

Nail in a joist and twine from the nail around the top of the antenna (assuming there is something there to grip it).

I have my antenna attached to the top of a J pipe mount that my TV antenna was mounted on. I moved the tv antenna down the pipe a bit and put the flightaware antenna on top. I’ll see if I can get a pic tonight and post it.

This mount is similar to the one I used: … UTF8&psc=1

Even on this Chimeny? :smiley:

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