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Hoe am i supposed to mount the flightaware antenna

The antenna came with basically no mounting hardware, just these two u bolts. I’m guessing I got shorted some parts?


You need an antenna mast or a J-mount for it. Or screw it directly on a 2x4 wood member.

Installation by iboscolo http://discussions.flightaware.com/post204619.html#p204619

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There should be a bracket in the package that the antenna fits into and the u-bolts screw onto (like in abcd’s photo). If you’re missing that then yes, you’re short some parts.

^ That’s exactly what I had too in my package.
And this is how is installed now:

What is that divider thing in your picture and why is it on the roof?

(1) This is not my picture. This is what is written abive the picture:


(2) That divider thing appears to be roof partition between adjuscent roofs of a continous block of several houses. It has nothing to do with Antenna installation.


They look like they are for privacy, but there is no balconies. Maybe it is so if two people look out their window at the same time they can’t see each other. I doubt it’s for preventing people from climbing to their neighbor via the roof because you could easy get around them. It is very strange to me, maybe these are for corona virus protection :smiley: