FlightAware and Military traffic?

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Why doesn’t FlightAware see any military traffic here in the UK?



From time to time I got an view into Hungary (right now on radar callsigns: Puma61, Puma62, Puma63, Puma64, Titan01 and Titan02 over Balaton Lake probably exercise) but that happens only from time to time, Slovenia too, in Austria I haven’t see anyone on radar. I guess so long they are not transmitting you wont see them.

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P.S. Noticed also Maiden81 477FF0 (zero at end) also under hungarian flag…

Romanian Air Force MAIDEN82*
Hungary Military
Aerostar Yak-52

406 473C0F
Hungarian Air Force HUAF313*
Hungary Military
Antonov An-26

41 473C0C
Hungarian Air Force PUMA62*
Hungary Military
SAAB Gripen JAS-39 C SB39

Hungary Military

Data obtained using Virtual Radar Server, the build-in map from Piaware is not showing this data

you will but depends on the type of aircraft and whether or not it is on an operational flight I guess.

some more discussion here: ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/will-military-planes-show-up-t38847.html

You can also see military planes from Austria if you receive the Mode-S and you are lucky enough to have some other MLAT-Stations around. :slight_smile:

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I also see a lot of US Army planes, US Airforce, Slovakian Airforce, Nato Flights at Hungary (AWACS). the hungarian Airforce, sometimes RAF, etc… it all depends on MLAT.

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