FlightAware and Diversions


I noticed the flight BTA 3207 Diverted to MFE on 1/1/06. BRO was fogged inn. It shows up that it diverted on the visual display but not the location. When the time was up, it showed it arrived in BRO when I was tracking it. It’s now 0515 an see the track to MFE, when I knew it would divert, since visibility was only 1/4 of a mile at BRO. Anyway to tell from Flight Aware where the flight diverted to at that moment in time?

I knew it diverted via the airline.

It would be great if VORs were a visual aid on the map!

Love the site, Keep it up!


In most cases, FlightAware will update the flight plan and indicate the diversion in the activity log. For example, OPT793, which recently diverted.

However, Houston Center actually sent us an arrival message for BTA3207 at 05:58:03Z. I don’t know why we didn’t get an updated destination; sometimes it just doesn’t work as intended.