Flight Tracking Data Posting Late??

Has anyone else noticed flight data taking an unusually long time to appear?? FlightAware self help says 6 seconds behind???

Lately I have not seen data on multiple flights I watch untill long after the flight has concluded???

What flights?

N3692G is a friend of mine and lately I cannot seem to get tracking data while he is in route. I have noticed this with other GA tail numbers as well. The tracking data does eventually appear…but usually after the flight concludes.

Your friend’s flights between two airports in PA are too short to be entered into the national system and will occasionally not show up in the FAA feed.

The flight you are talking about was an extremely short one…flights between two points in PA i.e. Butler, PA to Capitol City are definitely not too short…they have always worked inthe past??

This lack of tracking data has happened to me frequently - just lately and on many different N numbers and flights. I think Flight Aware / the FAA must be having some problem with the feed. I have looked across other fourms and it appears I am not the only one having this problem??

Here we go again N44789 Right now been aloft for over 20 minutes and no tracking data??

It appears to be working now.


Here’s the specific leg you were “missing”.


Thanks for your reply…but When I click on both links you sent …as well as the usual method I keep getting back the “No Data Available” message. I wonder what is going on for me??

This happens at my work computer as well. I am beginning to wonder if it my persoanl account some how??

Live Flight Track Log (N44789)
Live > N44789 Flight Status
Flight > N44789 > 04-Jan-2009 > KFMY-KCTY
All times are in Eastern time to prevent timezone crossing confusion. See flight status page for local times.

No data current available.

…just so you don’t think I am crazy!! (Actual cut and paste above)

I get the same thing - no data available - when I click on the en route link for the flight data.

Thanks!! Now I know I am not the only one …and am not entirely crazy! :unamused:


Editing this… I see two separate tail numbers are being question…

One in PA and one in FL.

A Winner!! This link works for me!! :smiley:

I wonder why I cannot get it in the en route link ??

…and is this just working now because of the duration of the flight and the data finally being updated??

…but at least it is working!

I’m on another of my laptops than the one I used to post the above links and they’re both working just fine for me.

I suggest you flush the cache in whatever browser you’re using.

Why the link isn’t working for Damiross is a mystery.

(KFMY is Page Field in Ft. Myers Allen.)

Yeah, brought back memories :wink:

I should have edited the response on your posting as like I edited my 18:42 post as I originally thought it was one tail number being used in two parts of the country .

Sorry 'bout that!

I sent out a PM (maybe you never got it) questioning how you got all that personal inofrmation and picture as an Avatar??

While I am not “new” to FlightAware…all my info seems stale??..so how do you get a pic and other information associated with your profile??

At the top of this very thread, you should have the words “new message” with pictures on how to do the above :wink:

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You guys are the best…I appreciate the help today!