Flight tracking and flightxml


would it be possible to have two different discussion sites? one for flight tracking/piaware etc and a separate one for FlightXML. much less clutter on the site and more focus for each


Well, they are in different threads? Not sure where problem is here?:thinking:

The only overlap I see is in the Feature Request and Ideas - Thread, where ideas for both are mixed. Maybe separate sub-threads for each might be useful, two top level threads or discuss both in the main xml and ADS-B threads. But that also depends on the way this is monitored on the FA side…

Edit: Ok, the General thread is a bit chaotic, too…


Does this solve your problem?

The Top level topics can be selected here


The FlightXML specific threads are located here




when i look at https://discussions.flightaware.com i still see lots of FlightXML topics in the “Latest” column. i don’t have a problem, i was just suggesting it might be easier but maybe i’m just looking at it incorrectly…i guess i’m getting old


Then click on the topic of interest;

There is one for ADSB Flight tracking which goes to https://discussions.flightaware.com/c/flightaware/ads-b-flight-tracking

and another for FlightXML which goes to https://discussions.flightaware.com/c/flightaware/flightxml.



thanks sweetpea11, sometimes even the “ins and outs” of a discussion group can be complicated


Well, this platform gives you a lot of options, but it is not the easiest to use when you are new to it. There was quite an outcry when it was first introduced, IIRC