Flight status for delay, cancellation info

Hello everyone!

Please, can you help me. How can I get Flight Status for delay, cancellation or changes info for specific flight with departute date.

I have try FlightInfo method, but its return info just for nearly flight, but i want for flight in specific date.

Dima Rymar

The FlightInfo (and the preferred FlightInfoEx function) can return all flights for the specified ident for up to 2 weeks. Your application should be able to look through the results and find the flight for the particular date you are interested in, as long as it is within the allowed 2 week timeframe.

bovineone thank for your response.

In FlightInfoEx method, offset param - it’s offset forward(means dates) ? Because i think, offset is the main reason why FlightInfoEx preferred than FlightInfo

FlightInfoEx is preferred because FlightInfo is older. The FlightInfo function is retained only for legacy purposes, is more expensive per call, and does not return the faFlightID.

The offset argument is an integer and can be used to request the next page of results (based on the “next_offset” field of a prior request).

bovineone great! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

And I need some advice about Alerts(RegisterAlertEndpoint). Can I ask here or create another topic?


Asking here is fine


I need notify users via email about delays or cancellations on they flights. So, as I understand, I can do it with Alerts. As I understood it, I’ve must RegisterAlertEndpoint and SetAlerts for specific flights and API will send me data on certain event.

But. I have trouble with URL for endpoint. Please, can you give me example of it?

At now, my application in development mode(localhost). Its use Ruby. I must declare there(Endpoint URL) my IP address with port(e.g. 3000) and listen that with Web Sockets or ajax posting with timeout? My thoughts on right way?


RegisterAlertEndpoint is generally called just once when you are initially setting up your server (or you need to change addresses or ports for some reason). Using DNS hostnames rather than IP addresses can eliminate some of the hassles if you anticipate changing IP addresses ever. Your Ruby application server will need to be running continuously to receive notifications that may occur for any of your alerts, not just for the duration of a single flight.

Each additional flight that you need to monitor will use SetAlert to configure what types of notifications you want to receive.


And please one more question about FlightInfoEx. Its can return flight only by 3 days from today? Not longer?

And, can I use that option for ident: “ident@departureTime”(e.g. ‘PS485@1471074300’) ?

The number of results returned by FlightInfoEx can only be controlled by the howMany argument (by quantity, not date range). The price for the call is the same regardless of whether it is 1 or 15 results, so there is no reason not to just request 15.

If you specify “ident@departureTime” (or its proper faFlightId) then you will always only get a single flight back every time. The departureTime must be the file_departuretime/actualdeparturetime that has been returned previously from another FlightXML call.

Yeah, its cool! But i have requested flight with departureTime 25 August. And FlightnfoEx return Not Exist flight. As I understood, its can get flights only for 2 weeks before today and 2 days later today. Not longer. Right?

And why I dont get any information about delays, cancellation from FlightInfoEx ?

If there is a delay, actualdeparturetime will be greater then filed_departuretime. Or actualarrivaltime will be greater than (filed_departuretime + filed_ete).

If the flight hasn’t departed yet (actualdeparturetime == 0), then the estimatearrivaltime will be greater than (filed_departuretime + filed_ete).

If the flight is cancelled, actualdeparturetime == -1.

If the flight is yet to depart how are we supposed to get the departure delay info. For example say a flight is scheduled to depart at 3pm and it has not. Can i get the new estimated time of departure for that flight? Kindly help.

I’ve answered this in your other thread: flightxml/how-to-deduce-departure-delays-for-yet-to-depart-aircrafts-t37854.html