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Flight Status Calls

New to the API…Is there a single call that will retrieve all information regarding a flight? It appears you need multiple calls for get what I want. Looking for:

  1. Flight status (on time, delayed, cancelled)
  2. Times - scheduled, estimated and actual
  3. Gate information

It appears you need both FlightInfoEx, and AirlineFlightInfo…maybe one more? I don’t see where status is obtained

Edit: It appears status needs to be accessed through FlightInfoEx return…

That is correct,
FlightInfoEx for flight status and times
AirlineFlightInfo for gate information

For the status, the rules are contained in the AeroAPI FAQ


If you wanted to do this in a single call, you could do so with a call from 2b.

FlightInfoStatus would provide both times, including block in and out times and gate information.

More information at https://flightaware.com/commercial/aeroapi/explorer/?minor=b#op_FlightInfoStatus

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