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Flight Alert Calls


We are developing a system to alert our passengers for any potential changes in the last 24 hours of a flight departure. Specifically, we are tracking the following:
• Gate and Terminal Changes
• Departure Delays
• Equipment Changes
• Flight Cancellations

Having said that, would these be considered 4 separate API calls or you have any method that returns all of the information above?

The current gate and terminal information for an airline flight can be determined through the “AirlineFlightInfo” function.

Estimated departure time for flights that have not departed yet is not available through FlightXML at this time.

The equipment (aircrafttype) assigned to a flight can be determined with “FlightInfoEx”. Additionally, “AirlineFlightInfo” will return the specific aircraft registration (tailnumber) that will be used to service a flight, when known.

Flight cancellation is indicated by “FlightInfoEx” by returning -1 for the actualdeparturetime field.

In summary, two function calls provide most of the information one could want about a specific flight. Your application can choose how frequently it will poll these functions to retrieve updated information. Using pushed alerts is another option as well, in which case you are only changed when a notification actually occurs.