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OnBlock and OffBlock Times Airline

I would like to know if with the AeroAPI (formerly FlightXML) 2 I can obtain the OnBlock and OffBlock times from the flight legs and not only the actual runway times. Is there a way to request this for a specific airline?

AeroAPI 2b, which has some additional calls not on 2 has a call FlightInfoStatus that would provide you the data you are looking for.


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Is there any way of getting both gate/runway actuals in a single query?

Collin - can you flesh out what AeroAPI 2b is? Some of those OAuth features were eventually coming in FXML3 but never materialized, I think… are the old FXML3 features getting integrated into this?

v2b represents an early snapshot of functions that were later incorporated into what became known as v3 beta.

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