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Actual blockin/blockout times always empty

I’m using the FlightXML version 3 Rest API. I’m querying FlightInfoStatus with include_ex_data set to true. I’m on the Silver plan.

All the flights I get have “actual_blockout_time”=>{“epoch”=>0} and “filed_blockout_time”=>{“epoch”=>0} although the flights have arrived.



Yes, include_ex_data controls whether you receive these fields:

  • filed_blockout_time
  • estimated_blockout_time
  • actual_blockout_time
  • filed_blockin_time
  • estimated_blockin_time
  • actual_blockin_time
  • terminal_dest
  • gate_dest
  • terminal_orig
  • gate_orig
  • bag_claim
  • seats_cabin_first
  • seats_cabin_business
  • seats_cabin_coach

Yeah, I would expect these blockin / blockout fields to be timestamps, but they just contain the value 0.

Why is that?

Those fields will not always available, depending on the airline and the airport it is operating at. They have a higher chance of being available for larger airlines, particularly those based in the U.S.

Ok, thanks. I’m usually mosty interested in European flights. Are there other ways to get the off-block / on-lock timestamps for a given flight, that may have a higher probability of being set?

Approximating those fields by using the actualdeparturetime and actualarrivaltime fields (an optionally adding a few minutes for taxi time) is actually what many airlines do themselves.

I see. This may be good enough in my case. Thanks :slight_smile: