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Understanding blockin/blockout fields in alert data

Hi team,

I’ve noticed in event data some properties that are not described in documentation, such as:

  • estimated_blockin_time
  • filed_blockin_time
  • actual_blockin_time
  • estimated_blockout_time
  • filed_blockout_time
  • actual_blockout_time

Can someone explain what does they represent please ?

Thanks for your help.


Block times, also known as gate times for commercial airlines, represent when an aircraft starts taxi out or completes taxi in for a given flight.

Hi! @dogrock

Thank you for the clarification.

I’ve noticed that blockin and blockout fields are only available in event messages and neither in FlighInfo or FlightInfoEx responses.

Why ? Is there another way to get them ? How could i get the actual_blockin_time as it’s always 0 in data sent with arrival event ?



This data is also exposed in the FlightXML v2b FlightInfoStatus endpoint. It is considered a Class 1 method for billing purposes. Your existing v2 key will grant you access to the endpoint.

Thank you a lot @dogrock it’s more clear to me now.