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Block In reported before aircraft reached gate


We experienced a flight where we were notified of the block-in event before we got to the gate. This was 10 minutes before the aircraft actually reached the gate. After we reached the gate, we checked the FlightAware site and it was reporting the same time for the block in. Ten minutes later the FlightAware site reported the correct block in time.

While we understand the complexities and how this can occur, is there a way we can get the notification on the change? While this was a rare occurrence, we wouldn’t want to have to call back to verify each flight.


Could I get a FlightAware FlightID to look into this a bit more?

the actual block-in reported: 1623042300
was actually 10:20 PM PDT which was showing correctly on the site around 10:30 PM PDT

Let me know if you need any other information.

Did you experience this through Aero API or on the website or both. What call were you using in Aero API?

At a quick glance, I see an estimated block in as 1623042300, which may have been present on the website in italics until the actual block in occurred. If you received results from Aero API, it would help to understand the call.

We used the AERO API V2 Set Alert call earlier in the day. We have our webhook URL registered and has been working great. Here are the events that happened.

  • At 9:58 PM airport local time, we received the arrival event NKS267 arrived at KLAX from KPHL
  • At 10:06 PM airport local time we received the onblock event: Spirit #267 is at the gate of Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) at 10:05 PM
  • Shortly after we were notified that the aircraft had not reached the gate yet and was still taxiing.
  • The pilot reached the gate at 10:20 PM and notified us that the aircraft had not reached the gate yet and was still taxiing when we gave notification they arrived at the gate at 10:05 PM.
  • The website at this time showed and arrival block-in at 10:05 PM
  • At 10:30 PM the website showed the correct block-in of 10:20 PM.

We have been having issues with Spirit on multiple flights in which I assume its the way they are reporting. But this one was odd. However, my question on this situation, is while the website got updated, the API did not send a correction, In these odd situations, is there a way to get that update, or is that something that can be added to the API so we can correct the data on our end? It just seems like overkill to call the API at a later time to verify we got the latest information. Especially when it seems that this happens for less than 1% of the alerts.

I am setting channels: {16 e_departure e_diverted e_cancelled e_arrival} {split_block_times 1}
is there something I am missing to get the updates, if any.

Thanks for your help,

Hello Jim,

Unfortunately there wouldn’t be a way to get that updated information without making another query.

Once the airline marks the flight as arrived, the alert will understand that it has done its job and stop until it receives a new flight for that aircraft. It will update on our website due to us constantly getting that updated information, but with API you only have that one query to go off of which means the only way to update it would be to call another query.

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