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Departure mismatch between FlightInfoStatus and American Airlines

Hello, we have been testing the the times being reported FlightAware website and what the airlines report. We have found them to be consistent, however we came across a discrepancy with FlightAware and American. This also was evident using the FlightInfoStatus method.

The pilot who flew the aircraft on 1/4/2021 for Flight ENY3534 with a scheduled departure time of 16:55. Flight Aware reported a blockout time of 5:13PM and a blockin time 8:15PM. However the American Airlines app for the pilots showed completely different times for the departure. Blockout: 4:52 PM and blockin of 8:15PM. The pilot confirmed they did not leave the gate at that time. The waypoints therefore also did not match with the actual times which is something we plan to use.

While the blockin is correct, the blockout is off by .5 hours which is a large enough discrepancy for us to be concerned. What caused this to be that far off and what kind of accuracy should we be expecting from the APIs?


I’ve opened a bug for this case. It looks like the original, correct, blockout of 4:52 PM was rejected at departure time due to it resulting in an unexpected long taxi time. Unfortunately the original actual blockout time as only visible before runway departure.