Flight Simulator 2004


Does anybody know how to take screenshots on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004?

Thanks for any advice or help!


It you just want to take a few, what I do is just use the “Print Screen” button, then minimize and save the screen capture. If you are going to be doing a lot of them, there are programs out there that you can install that make it easier.


Ok, thanks Newark777!


For those of us who fly alot on line (VATSIM) using Flight sim 10, most of us use some sort of screen shot software. If you google screenshot, you’ll find 10 different softwares out there that will do the job. I’ve used screen hunter but there are others.

Hope that helps.


Well, you can also use this program called “HyperSnap” It’s a trial version though: hyperionics.com/


You can use this:


Direct download link here:

johnbokma.com/softwarerecommenda … R_v15a.exe

It’s an older version, the newer version requires you to pay.

This is a great utility. Small program, user friendly, It takes pictures, and is also a screen recorder!
I prefer this one then HyperSnap.



What I do for screenshots is to use the print screen function, as Newark mentioned. However, what I then do is paste the screenshot into Paint or a word processor. If you use Paint you can trim the shot down to what you want.

The default location for Paint on the Start Menu is Accessories.


Yeah…I might feel stupid for asking, but where is the print screen option when yoy play flight simmulator?



It should be a button near the top right of your keyboard somewhere.


Ok, i feel so stupid!LOL

Thanks Newark777


FSX is a lot better…


I’m not getting FSX until I get a system that won’t spontaneously combust when I try and run it.


Screen capture freeware:


Once y’all have some screenshots of FSX saved, how about posting a fet of 'em here… :smiley:


When was FSX released?


October 17, 2006.


Try these 3 links. There are tons of 'em.


o wow how did i miss that!!!


dude FSX is da bomb, it takes a bit to run but HOLY COW! It ROCKS!


We bought a new gateway computer with a 17 inch flatwide screen and it is sick. All I need now is to get an ok graphics card to run everthing on high.


There is currently no PC that you can buy that will run FSX smoothly with everything turned on and set to high. Also you would need to spend $500 on a video card that would run it even close to high.
Thankfully FS2004 and all the 3rd party add ons are still great to me.