Flight Progressing but No Tracking


I am watching a flight for N1505T currently on a flight from KLWB to KGAI. The time log shows progression towards the destination, but there is no tracking of the aircraft. Would this be because he is on a VFR flight plan? What else is going on?

Thanks in advance.


I had this problem when I first started using FA, and have it also today following my FIL with scorn as he takes my BIL back to Denton, then he heads to Sun n Fun :angry: . It was originally explained to me in the best way possible. That was ATC just had to push the right button.

Of course, like the practical jokster he is, he had to make sure he buzzed my house on his way out of town.


Without you!!

The bastard! :wink:

Has he decided on a replacement aircraft yet?




That is part of his trip to Sun n Fun I think.


The time progress bar moves automatically once we receive a departure message.

Look at the page again; we finally started receiving position reports around 10:23 AM EDT.


So what is the reason behind N84HL not moving?? HUH??? HUH??? Explain that Mr. Smarty Pants :smiley:

Edit…DOH!!! He moved…CURSES!!! Can’t get a leg up on these FA guys!!!


We usually receive position reports less often for VFR flights… somewhere between every 1 and 8 minutes.

Looking at the tracklog, N84HL probably landed.


OK, serious question for once. Was the hour lapse in info due to the famous “not pushing the right button” by ATC because he was VFR? I do know he always gets flight following when he flies.


It could be a number of things, including cancelling VFR flight following (and picking it up again an hour later), flying below radar coverage, or something goofy happened with ATC and/or our feed.


I have $50 on ATC being goofy. He NEVER cancels flight following. He like to know that if he wads up his plane, ATC knows it was him that wadded his plane up. Also, typically going btwn RVS and Denton he is up around 12.5.


…my FIL … my BIL

And just what do these obscure abbreviations mean? I know you’re not talking about Billings and FlightAware doesn’t show an airport code of FIL.


Father in law/brother in law.