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Flight Planning - Problem

On the page - “Plan & File a Flight: Step 1 of 3”, I fill in the required information and click the Continue button. I receive the pop-up with the wording “Expect further clearance in less than 60 seconds. FlightAware is processing millions of calculations for your flight plan matrix.”.

After the pop-up closes, I am still at the same page …Step 1 of 3. The only button to press is the Continue button, and when I click the Continue button the pop-up reappears with the above message.

I never get to Step 2. The web page behaves this way using two different browsers.

I do not receive any error messages.

What to do?

I’m having the same problems…

I guess this feature is dead. pity.

We are not killing this feature, the issue should be fixed tonight.

I wish to LEARN how to plan and file a flight plan. But am unable to use the window because it demands very specific real life details which I can not create. Like tail number, weight details and so on. More over, in the Airport windows I am asked to fill US or Canada airports only.
For starters I am trying to create a short flight route between Palm Beach Intnl.(KPBI) and Freeport(MYGF). I want to learn how and why to choose between various routes that are possible using Vector Charts . And what is wrong using a straight line route ? Who decides what route is to be taken ? And can I change or deviate from the predecided route ?