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Flight Planning Aircraft And Pilot Sharing For Flight School

FlightAware is proud to announce the release of aircraft and pilot sharing in FlightAware flight planning. This system allows aircraft owners, pilots, and dispatchers to share aircraft so they only have to be set up once and allow dispatchers to file on behalf of their pilots.

The system has been designed for use by:

  • Flight Schools: Have your entire fleet ready to go for all your students and CFIs, with centralized updating for equipment and performance changes.
  • Flying Clubs and multi-owner aircraft: Avoid duplication and et it up once for everyone to flight plan and file.
  • Part 91 and 135 dispatch operations: Dispatch shifts can all access and file with the same pool of aircraft and pilots.

Any member of a flight crew can plan and file a flight with a shared aircraft owned by a dispatcher in the flight crew. Dispatchers can also file flight plans with flight crew members shared pilots and edit other dispatcher’s shared aircraft and pilots.

  1. Create a Flight Crew and invite your pilots/dispatchers/CFIs/students to join at flightaware.com/flightcrew
  2. Check the shared box on your aircraft and pilots you want shared with your flight crews
  3. Start planning and filing today

Please contact Collin White at +1 713 877 9011 if you have any questions or need help getting set up.