New Service: FlightAware Flight Crews, Remarks, Endorsements

Hi, FlightAware users & members.

We’re proud to announce several new collaborative features that we have just released:

Flight Crews
FlightAware Members can now create or join Flight Crews which are virtual groups or communities for sharing remarks (notes), photos, and more among colleagues, friends, and families. A Flight Crew could be specific to an FBO, a charter operator, a flight club, or even to people involved in a particular airplane.

You can search for a crew to see if one exists, or click “Create a new flight crew” to create one and start inviting new members from the FlightAware community. There is no limit to the number of flight crews you create or join. You can decide what information you’d like to share with each crew.

Flight Notes
A FlightAware Remark is a per-flight/airport/page notation that allows a FlightAware member to store notes and information for private use or to share with colleagues using FlightAware Flight Crews. For example, an FBO employee could enter passenger preferences or requests as a remark for an N-number. Or, a pilot could enter flight details/background about a specific flight. You can access the Remarks system immediately above the “Activity Log” on any flight tracking page.

Use the FlightAware Flight Crew feature to join or create groups that are involved in the same aircraft/airports/customers as you. Then, when creating a remark, you will be given a list of your Flight Crews with checkboxes to indicate which flight crews you want to share that remark with.

Endorsements are graphical icons/badges that are awarded to a FlightAware member based on their FlightAware user activity. Endorsements recognize and reward contributions to the FlightAware community. There are a variety of endorsements which may be earned and displayed to the rest of the FlightAware community. For example, a user who has submitted a top-rated Squawk gets a little newspaper badge next to their forum posts, picture uploads, and squawk submissions. You can see the full list of available endorsements here as well as throughout the web site.

You will need a FlightAware account for all of these features, so you don’t have one yet (it’s free), register right now!

The FlightAware Team