Flight Crews.....


I dont get it…what are they and how do you set them up? I read the stuff on the site about them, but I still dont get it. and I tried to start one, and it asks me for a URL?..HELP!!


ECU, you managed to find something on FA that, I believe, most people have no ideas WTF it is. Never seen or heard of this “feature”.


Welcome to this week’s installment of the Friday Feature Release.

Yesterday we let loose the beta of Flight Crews. FlightAware Flight Crews are groups of colleagues, associates, friends, and family members that you exchange information (flight notes, fleet lists, aircraft pictures, messages, etc) with. See the link above for information on creating Flight Crews and joining existing Flight Crews. The URL is optional; if you’re creating a Flight Crew for the Green Valley Warbird Association, you may want to include the link to the Green Valley Warbird Association homepage so others can see more information about what the Flight Crew is related to.


Hey, where’d all the fun stuff in this thread go?!?