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Nice start to the FAQ…

Couple of questions on the questions. (my questions in blue)

I heard that sometimes when you file on FlightAware, you can get a better fuel price, is that true? (Back to top)

Yes, in some cases, FlightAware has made arrangements with FBOs and will offer preferential pricing when you’re planning a flight.

How will we know which FBO provides preferencial pricing and what will we need when we arrive to get the discounted pricing for proof that we filed through flight aware?

Do I have to be a pilot to file a flight plan? (Back to top)

You must be a certified pilot or dispatcher that is otherwise permitted by the FAA to file IFR flight plans.

I have already brought up my concerns about unauthorized people filing flight plans. If you have no plans on restricting this option to authorized people with DUAT, DUATS or flight dispatcher type accounts, then why not put the above below the button file IFR so at least you provide some discouragement for those not authorized to file?.

Can I get a full briefing through FlightAware Flight Plan? (Back to top)

Yes, either click “View FAA Filing Results / Briefing” after filing IFR, or click “View Filing” when viewing all your past flight plans

If I am reading this correctly, again, it would be most beneficial to see the results of the briefing BEFORE filing IFR. Just like the Nav logs, it’s putting the cart before horse to review decision making material on a flight after filing a plan.

I have an urgent question. (Back to top)

Feel free to call us.

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