Flight path of FLG3773

Does anyone have any idea why there is such a wierd flight path for the flight on Monday afternoon, June 19, 2006? Is this a weather related problem?

er wat airline is that?

Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. D/B/A Northwest Airlink “Flagship”

Could you make a link or say what airport it was at and going to???

flightaware.com/live/flight/FLG3 … /KMSP/KCVG

Enroute holding, probably due to weather.

Ah, see it now. Look like it was in a holding patter for some time. My best guess is that there was some weather related delays at CVG and they held them there until they could release them. The airport was probably full of traffic.

Like a release time only in mid air.

I see it now, that would be my guess too.

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lol, I dont know a ton about how the procedures for holding and things like that work so I was pretty happen when I knew something about that. Keeps your confidence up, lol!

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