Flight Notifications - Suggestions


2 Suggestions:

1 - there should be a way to delete a notification - not just make it inactive.

2 - there should be a way to have an alert autoexpire after 24 hours.



well number 1 is taken care of…number 2…we are working on it…thanks for the suggestion!!


Is there ANYBODY who goes to a new site now a days and actually looks over any available forum and/or FAQs before asking questions that are easily discovered by using those two items?

Not counting the original announcement, there are at least 6 different topics for flight alerts!

The vast majority of people using the Internet appear to be one or more of the following:
lazy (because they don’t attempt to find the answer to their question before asking it)
stupid (related to the above)
idiotic (related to both of the above plus they just like to see their “musings” in print
bad speller (self-explanatory)
rude (because they insist of doing any or all of the above and wasting my time because I check their posting thinking it might include some intelligent or something that I can help with without having to say “use the search feature”)

As I get off my soap box, I’ll just say I will no longer be Don Quixote (for those who don’t know, look it up!). Instead, I’ll just sit back, read the postings, and marvel at how dumb some are.


dami needs his girlfriend…BAD


Don’t you ever get tired of being right all the time, Pika?


ok come on guys…lets bring it down a notch!


No, and I don’t know many people that do. I look at the main page, and if I see something interesting, maybe then I’ll delve into those parts of the site. Maybe.

I guess everyone isn’t as perfect as you are.




It’s so gosh-darn hard to be humble in my perfectness!


The word you’re grasping for is perfection Dave.

There ya’ go Captaink, perfectness taken down a notch. :laughing:



Perfection is an ideal – without flaw or fault.
Perfectness is the state of being perfect.
These are not synonyms.

What about “more perfect”? A grammatical blunder?
If so, it is not without historical precedent.

“… in order to form a more perfect Union,…” [from the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution]



No, I used perfectness because I was joking. Until Toby mentioned it, I didn’t know that perfectness was a word!


So was I Dave, give me a little credit.

I did, but I was going for a burn! :wink: