Alerts: Delete button as well as edit, lifespan of alerts;

  1. could you put a Delete button next to the Edit button on the main alerts page? Let’s get a full CRUDdy interface (CReate / Update / Delete) there instead of making me click through.
  2. could you set a lifespan on an alert? For instance, I want alerts on JBU83 today. I don’t need alerts from here on out; having the ability to auto-disable or auto-delete after an event (arrival, 24 hours pass, whatever) would be nice.


  1. What’s wrong with the enabled toggle? Rather than delete the alert, just disable it. This way, in case you want to re-activate the alert there is no need to enter the data on it again.

  2. What’s wrong with just disabling the alert (see #1 above) after the alert time you are interested in has passed? Again, for the same reason as #1 - in case you want to use the alert again, it’s already set up and ready to go. All you have to do is enable it.

  1. it’s click heavy. I don’t want to click edit, disable, save. that’s two roundtrips to the server, at least. I want to click delete, once, and be done with it. If you want to promote disable to that page, fine; I’d like delete there, as well.

  2. it’s click heavy. I don’t want to remember to come back to the site and disable or delete an alert; I only want the alert once or for one flight or 24 hours or whatever. This isn’t WoW; I’m not grinding for XP on FlightAware.


At last! I’ve found someone lazier than me when it comes to computers!

On item 2: Are you saying you’ll forget to disable the alert when you get it in your email? It’s right there in front of your face so you should be able to remember that you want to turn it off after you read me.

I like being able to have a list of inactive alerts in case I want to reactivate it. I don’t have to set it up again, outside of enabling it. Plus, it also reminds me about past flights in case I want to look them up again.

My mine thing is that there’s more important things to work on in FlightAware in the way of features than rather if it takes 2 clicks to do something. Take a look at the other topics in the “Feature Requests and Ideas” forum.


no; I’m not saying I’ll forget to disable the alert. In fact, examining the alert text, it doesn’t contain a GUID or anything interesting to route the click to the alert which generated that email. It merely takes you to the general alerts page; to disable or delete that alert you still have to grind for FlightAware XP.

I urge you to consider the mobile device case, where server round trips are expensive and slow. A direct link to disable or delete a specific alert would be better; the 160 character limit of SMS makes that harder, though.


I don’t use mobile devices to access the web or email. It is, as you mention, expensive and slow. Most mobile devices I’ve seen also have small screens so, to me, it would be very frustrating viewing the message or web page.