DeleteAlert API call


We subscribe to pushed notifications for specific flights only. But have not been deleting any of the alerts, because after the flight lands we should never have any more alerts for that flight. But the GetAlerts endpoint is really building up (takes a long to respond) with thousands of alerts that are now dormant for flights that have landed. We could delete all these dormant alerts by using the DeleteAlert API call but this is class 3 charge. It seems like it would be nice to clean these up for FlightAware’s sake, but it almost seems like the DeleteAlert API call should be in the free class instead. Is there any harm in letting endless dormant alerts build up?



As long as your alerts have an end date (ie: are not indefinite) then they will be automatically disabled and eventually deleted from the system a few days/weeks later.

If your application relies on GetAlerts, then it may be beneficial for you to delete alerts after they are no longer relevant to your app so that the GetAlert function continues to return without timing out. However, there is not currently any specific performance necessity from our perspective that would require you to delete them otherwise.