Can't delete alert?

There used to be a ‘delete’ option for profiles no longer needed. Now I cannot find a means to delete alerts for a flight I no longer wish to track. It’s probably obvious and I’m being dense but any help would be appreciated.

As far as I know, there’s never been a way to *delete *an alert. You have always been able to *disable *an alert, though.

Just disable them for now, we haven’t implemented a way to delete them yet.

You can delete alerts now. There was, of course, a perfectly reasonable explanation for why this took a few days to implement. :slight_smile:

You were aware of the issue and were currently working on it? (as the old ITish commercial went)

OK - but how?

Click under “manage flight alerts”. There will be a list of the alerts that you have set up. To the right of each one there are three options: “Edit”, “Disable”, and “Delete”.

Thanks all… Works as advertised!