Flight Management Computer for Flight Simulator X


Is there anyone out there that could tell me how to use FMC on FSX? I can use part of it, but I know there is a lot more I’m missing. I know this is for real Flight information, Pilot Resources, not for stuff like this, but can Please anyone help? Thank-you.


Do a Google or Yahoo search on FMC or FSX.


Thank-you for you help, that was the first thing I did, I’m looking for and handbook, the search had nothing. Again Thank-you for trying to help


I found several with no problems. Make sure you enter the right key words in your serarch:
ifpz.be/tutorials/Working%20 … %20FMC.pdf
forum.avsim.net/topic/102687-loo … er-manual/
askcaptainlim.com/-technical … puter.html
flightsim.com/vbfs/showthrea … t-Computer

I used “flight management computer” fsx user guide as the key words


What aircraft in FSX have a FMC?


If you are looking for forums for Microsoft flight sim, I would suggest either flightsim.com, or simviation.com.