flight magazine editors opportunity


I chanced to visit Bonnier Publications Web site and found that they have employment opportunities for a senior and a lower level editor within the flight publication part of their business.
You can easily find this information, if it is of interest.


They mentioned this in their weekly e-newsletter:

Write for Flying
Flying is looking for writers. If you’re a pilot and know your way around a keyboard, we might have a place for you in these pages. We’re in the process of filling two positions, one a senior editor post and the other an entry-level associate editor. You can find the postings with all the details for these jobs by searching “Flying Magazine” on mediabistro.com. Free registration is required.

There’s more opportunity. Since its launch shortly after Lucky Lindbergh’s New York to Paris hop in 1927, we at Flying have prided ourselves on the quality of our writing. Indeed, some of the greatest aviation columnists, from Ernest Gann to Gordon Baxter, from Len Morgan to Martha Lunken, have graced our pages. And we’re looking for new talent. From light sport to heavy iron, if you love to fly and can make the prose crackle, we’d love to read what you have to offer.

Drop us a line at edit@flyingmag.com. Include a sample or two and tell us about yourself. We’d love to read your stuff.


They are hiring because they keep firing. That would be a tough place to work right now I think.


Who are they replacing now? I miss J. Mac.