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Flight info into custom Windows GUI


Greetings. I have a FlightAware stick pro that I’m using in an offline application (no internet). I have a custom Windows C# application that needs to extract the GPS/altitude locations and some kind of unique identifier (ADSB transceiver address or call-sign, for instance) of aircraft within range of the antenna.

I’m looking for recommendations on the best way to go about this.

As of now, I have my C# program running “dump1090.exe --mlat” as a background console thread, and streaming the console string outputs into my custom application, which parses the desired fields.

I’m wondering if there is a more efficient way to get the information, as my current setup seems to struggle when there are many aircrafts nearby. For instance, some aircraft will get relatively frequent updates, while other aircrafts will get a single update every 10 seconds or so. Not sure if there is a throughput bottle neck, if this is the nature of the FlightAware USB stick, or if this is the nature of ADS-B in general. Thanks.


Let me introduce myself a bit. I am not a pilot; I have been programming for nearly half a century. See my * Sam’s Simple Samples. You will likely get better results in a programming forum, such as the * MSDN forums.

I am not familiar with dump1090.exe. I get the impression it is a console program. Is it writing to standard output? Are you redirecting standard output? If that is the only way that dump1090 writes its data then you are probably doing the best you can but I don’t know the details of what you are doing. Are you using the Process class to execute dump1090 and do the redirection? If that is the only way to get the data from dump1090 then to make it all more efficient you probably must find some other program to use.

You say background console thread but you probably mean background console process.


This may be of some interest and relevance:

How-to Install Pro Stick & DVB-T on Windows

Scroll down to:


Decoder Option-1: dump1090 (MR) for windows.



Great! Thanks for providing the link.



I want to emphasize that I doubt there is anything in my web site that would help for this.

I could easily be wrong but the following might be software that could help.

cgommel/adsbsharp: A C# based ADSB decoder written by Youssef Touil and Ian Gilmour

VirtualRadar.Interface.Adsb Namespace


If anyone is interested in a compiled ADSB#
I have uploaded it as zipped folder to my Dropbox.

Download link:

Contents after unzipping:



This seems to be the nature of ADS-B in general.


You can view the throughput available by methods given here:

Exploring Port 30003 and 30106




ADSB# is very old now. SDR# for more general SDR reception was also available

The people responsible produced their own hardware. Airspy was the result of their efforts:
https://airspy.com/ They rewrote the software to work with that.