Dump1090 directly to FlightAware


Is there a way to send Windows Dump1090 directly to FlightAware? I’d like to run a FlightAware dongle on a windows 10 computer and send the results to FlightAware. I did a quick search, but may have missed it.
Since the computer is multi-user, it would be best if the Dump1090 would run as a service or at least not be deactivated when a user logs on or off.



windoze sucks - and at rtl-sdr.
But, you have two options. One is to use Planeplotter with dump1090 by Malcolm Robb (quite old) to feed FA, the other, is to use a Debian Virtual Machine with dump1090-mutability or dump1090-fa under windoze.
Forum member abcd567 has some nice tutorials in this forum, that can be used
if you opt for the VM solution…
I would not mess with my job’s network though. Remember also the dongle
would need an antenna at a ‘suitable’ location.
Best is to buy a cheap RPi / dongle / antenna combo and have full control over it 24/7.
good luck and brgds


Hi evangel,

Thanks for your comments. I thought about the Planeplotter option, but
that seems like massive overkill to just feed FA. In the end however it
may be the most straightforward method. I’ll look into VM.
I have an RPi/dongle/antenna at home 24/7. I’d like to add another station
that would cover additional area (and a large airport). I have a spare
RPi/dongle and can install an antenna on the building roof, but don’t have
a spare ethernet port or WiFi access (hence the win10 computer). The best
solution would be to use the RPi USB interface to the win10 computer that
would feed FA.
Thanks again and HNY.


HNY to you too :smile: