Flight History


I flew the week before Christmas from Texas to Al. Is there a way I can see the information on this flight. I read where history can be seen for the last 90 days but do not know how to access it. Thanking you in advance.



Viewing past flight tracks is coming soon.


Viewing past flight tracks is coming soon.

This will be a nice feature for use with my instrument students. It will aid in showing them how thier holds went. Flight aware has many advantages.


How Soon? This feature will totally rock! I cant wait…!


You may want to consider using the Garmin 296 or equivalent.

During your post lesson briefing, you can print out the track and altitude profiles using the software for Garmin.

I do this for myself when I analyze my own flights :smiley:



Just to comment that your service is fantastic and I have turned a number of airport operations and FBO’s onto you.

There is room to make the existing services even more friendly and usable. One very esential item is being able to pull up past flights/ flight tracking. Glad to see it’s on it’s way.

Another badly needed and commonly heard draw back is not being able to pan on the tracking map to see adjacent regions or locations or being able to outline an area with the cursor to zoom in on it as done with Jeppesen / Nobeltec software. Plus and minus keys work well for pre programed zoom levels and is an easy software change.


Capt. B


I know that the mapping team has been finalizing this and Karl finally signed it off to QA last night for testing & quality control before we push it out to the public servers.