Flight from Tampa returned to airport



I noticed this flight that left Tampa for Pensacola was on it’s way back to Tampa. I was listening to the aero enroute freqs (129.500 for DAL at TPA) and caught the pilot saying “we are in range AGAIN”. Something about the way he said it made me pull up the flight track.



That is quite a flight track! He sure didn’t get very far toward Pensacola. My guess is a mechanical diversion.


This flight normally arrives at ~7:30AM CST. It departed an hour late and held for a while and returned.

What was the weather at that time? Eight hours later during the warmest part of the day the visibility is 5 miles with 600 foot ceiling.


Thanks for the posting, wazzu. When I checked a ‘normal’ flight track, I see that this flight got a lot closer to Pensacola than I had estimated before. That does make it look like a weather divert than a mechanical divert.

Interestingly, when the flight did make it in to Pensacola, there was no updated flight track. The log just shows a 7-hr flight from Tampa to Pensacola.

Mid-air refueling? LOL!


I watched the flight it was a weather divert,they were heading right into the front that was approaching from the west with heavy rain and winds all the way up and down Alabama and today i measured from Sunday and Monday we had 3.5 inches of rain.