Flights into Tampa?


I recently found this site and have really enjoyed it.

I did a search but did not find any information on this in the forums.

Browsing through various airports, it seems that almost all of the flights arriving at Tampa area airports have no tracking information for the last 100 or so miles into Tampa. I am wondering why this is, as it appears flights departing or just in the general area are tracked as normal.



Maybe the TPA controller has a habit of sending an arrival message when they get handed off to approach?


I know it is a little bit off topic, but had the best landing in TPA coming from KW in 2000. We were flying the Continental Connection (Gulf Stream International) in a B190. The pilot left the curtain open during landing. I was sitting close enough to the front that I was able to see the whole thing.


I resently have made about six trips into and out of KPIE (within Tampa Calss B. I too have noticed the begining portion and ending portions of the flight tracking are missing. I though is FlightAware have a propblem with STARS. Any thoughts?


For some reason, it seems to me that someone has pointed this out before; that TPA’s approach controllers like to send an arrival message when they are handed a flight. I conducted a search and came up empty though.


Reported this problem & the FAA is looking at it.


Sometimes I get something like this for outbound flights from KSEA. The flight disappear after an hour or so. It really annoys sometimes especially when I’m going to be flying on that flight. :imp: … /KSEA/KDFW