Problem with tracking inbound flights to Des Moines


I’ve used FlightAware extensively over the past year or so and it always tracked flights right into DSM so that you could see which runway was taking landings (by what direction the plane was coming in). Now, about a month or so ago, it quit tracking every flight about 50-70 miles before it gets to Des Moines.

As an example…Pinnacle5954, MEM-DSM:

How it was before

How it is now, from tonight’s flight:

Is this a permanent change, and like totally out of FlightAware’s hands? Or is there a way to fix it back to how it once was?


Looks like the approach controllers in the area are sending out early arrival messages. Nothing we can do about that.


Does that change the ATE shown on FA? Doesn’t ATC close airline IFR flight plans automatically when the flight arrives?