flight details

I cannot see the track details on an enroute flight. Has this feature been elimintated?


Nope. Still working.

Can you be more specific about the flight you’re trying to track?

I was tracking N358QS and could not see the trak log while it was enroute. I can see it now that the flight is finished, however. Is it not possible to see the track log whild the flight is enroute?

Hmmmmmmm… I’m looking at today’s first flight and the previous one from yesterday, and I’m not able to see either track log either. Instead I get the following:

Live Flight Track Log (N358QS)
Live > N358QS Flight Status
Flight > N358QS > 17-Dec-2008 > CYYZ-CYUL
All times are in Eastern time to prevent timezone crossing confusion. See flight status page for local times.

No data current available. [google ad here]

At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable.

The flight I was tracking was totally in the US from Palm Beach to Morristown. I couldnt see the tack log while the flight was enroute.

Track logs won’t work until the airplane lands.

Odd… That flight shows up as both EJA358 and N358QS :confused:

formation flight? :smiley:

One is the tail number, the other is the flight nymber. EJA is Executive Jet Airlines. 8)

We combine the tail number, air taxi prefix + tail number, and airline flight number for the major fractional operators to make their flights easier to find.