Flight cancellation

On Sept 12th our United Express/ Skywest flight 5892 Bozeman to Chicago was canceled after 3 hours due to “weather”. Flight Aware shows nothing on that flight for that date. The plane never arrived in Bozeman and the “weather” supposedly occurred earlier in the day in the eartern part of the country. Any thoughts how I can prove to myself that that information was true. We were left stranded and on our own, by and large. I do not know where the plane was flying in from that day that was to take us to Chicago. I do know weather from Chicago west appeared to be fine. Thanks for any ideas.

Flight Aware won’t have a record of cancellations. If the flight plan is not activated within a certain time, it will drop off Flight Aware. Airline would be the best place to check for reasons for cancellations.

hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/dailywxmap … 90912.html would be the weather for your day in question if this will help prove to yourself the information provided to you was true.

hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/dailywxmap … 90912.html shows some “weather” west of the MS that may have been a factor. All a WAG of course on my end.

A little detective work reveals that United serves Bozeman from only two cities - Denver and Chicago. Only one flight from Chicago to Bozeman flight 6669. Click on the link and you’ll see that there is no history for that flight on the 12th. That is most likely your inbound flight.

The only other flight I could see as possibly being the one (based on arrival time) would be flight 6765 which does show a history for the 12th, so that’s not the one.

Source: United Airlines Timetable

The image below is a snapshot from 5:00 AM MDT. Storms very well could’ve erupted over ND, SD and MN by 11:00 AM.

Also understand that the plane’s flight before the Chicago to Bozeman leg may have been cancelled. That flight may have originated down in Texas or some other city affected by weather. That would take A LOT MORE detective work!