Flight Aware Track Log, Reporting Stations column gone?


There used to be a column to the far right of the flight track log page which listed who the reporting receivers were, I used to look at this a bit, it was handy to look at.
Has this been completely removed for some reason?


You can find the track log on the bottom right of the replay section below the map.


Hi Stephen,

I know where the link was moved to, but my question was about the column within the track log that was showing us which receive station was reporting that particular flight at which time. This seems to have been removed from within the track log. Was there a reason for that?


The data is still there. Make sure that you are logged-in to your FlightAware account. Also note that the “site” column is omitted on small viewports (e.g., mobile phones).


Hi Eric,
Im using a Panasonic Toughbook laptop wth WiN7 but I cant see the SITE column on it using Chrome or explorer. Im sure I could previously. Will have to check from the home PC to confirm if its there or not.
Also checked on Samsung tablet on Chrome and its not there either.
Will look at home later and let you know.


Now checked on the home PC, and yes can still see the site column. I just cant see it on both laptops or tablet, which is a shame, but not critical.