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Curiosity, flight log station list decision

Just curious
Was wondering when you look at the flight log or graph what algorithm does FlightAware use to display which station is reporting the flight. When I click on a flights log it is very very very rare that I see my own station listed.

im following this topic

In densely covered areas such as yours, it’s basically random (per position) which receiver is used.

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Im guessing not random, if that was the case I would see mine on occasion. Its very rare on any flight I check I see mine, maybe once a month?

Look at the “flights with positions from this feeder” section on your site stats page. At the time of writing there are 13 flights listed that used a position from your feeder within the last hour.

Thanks OBJ, Ive been looking the wrong way. I can use that page now. Never really looked at that part of my data before on the myadsb page