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Flight Aware does NOT appear to use any Ground Data

I received a notice this morning that Flight Aware was using the data coming from my computer which is hosting PiAware which is being “feed” ADS-B data. I checked my personnel Flight Aware stats and all looks good (thousands of aircraft reports) with no anomalies “No problems have been detected”.

I’m trying to determine if the ADS-B data from aircraft that my system is reporting is actually being used or not. Unfortunately, Flight Aware does not reveal the station that is contributing ADS-B data to it on a per aircraft basis so it is difficult to determine if the data I’m sending to Flight Aware is actually being used.

I have a unique antenna position such that my Mode S receiver can pick up aircraft on the ground at a major airport so I wanted to use the “If the aircraft is on the ground it is likely that I’m reporting it” logic. The problem is that Flight Aware does not appear to show aircraft on the ground at any major airport. I checked several where Flight Aware reporting stations were near the airport. As far as I can tell, Flight Aware only briefly shows aircraft near an airport after the aircraft lands showing just the very last airborne position.

Looking at the highest resolution of the maps that Flight Aware is using, an aircraft symbol covers an entire 11,000 foot runway. So there does not appear to be anyway that the dozens of aircraft that could be taxing on the ground at an airport could be differentiated as they would all be stacked up on top of one another.

So it appears that I’m wasting Network bandwidth by sending Aircraft data while the aircraft is on the ground to Flight Aware. Should the transmission of all aircraft data to Flight Aware (PiAware) be disabled when the aircraft is on the ground?

John Carroll

FlightAware uses all Mode S and ADS-B data that is provided, including ground positions. The ground positions are not currently displayed on the maps, but we are working to change that over the coming months. Another problem we’re working on is to make it easier for feeders to be able to find their data on FlightAware, which shows it’s working, but also is a rewarding part of the process! The only way (currently) is to click on the “graph” link that lists all the positions and their source – it will highlight your positions to yourself.

As far as the resolution of the maps, I think you should try different layers, since they have different levels of zoom. The terrain and satellite layers let you zoom down the most and you can definitely discern aircraft position relative to runways, etc. See this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/aDDKtmJ.jpg

adding ground aircraft would cramp an already crowded screen imo. to have any kind of meaning the view would have to be zoomed and have outlines for taxiways which classic view does not afford. if anything it would be nice if it had a toggle for ground movements.

Don’t worry – we are working on an interface that will be a great experience and not interfere with normal flight tracking.