Flight Aware antenna on Flagpole

I live in a HOA development and in the bylaws it talks about antennas on house roofs. It says we can have antennas no more then 3 foot dia. But can’t be seen from the street. So with me being a member on the board I thought maybe I should remove it from where I had it. Because you can see it on the roof from the street. So I bought a 20 foot flagpole and mounted it on top.

I ran the cable inside the pipe to the ground and got a weather proof box and hooked up my Pi and all in it. It’s been working out pretty good.

What do your HOA bylaws say about flagpoles?
Some have prohibitions and have caused contentions.
FCC regs on TV sat dishes prempt HOA regs such they cannot prohibit them? Does not apply to radio antennas tho’.

We are allowed flagpoles. I few people here have them up. Before I was on the board, the board never really worried about people with SAT dishes. Because a lot of people have them on the house and mounted to the decks and mounted to poles. The by laws do have some of what the FCC says.

fcc.gov/guides/over-air-rec … vices-rule

What a patriotic way to work the system! I’ll have to remember this one in the future.

It’s working out pretty good.

Hmm, nothing over 250nm … can you find one of these amplifiers there?

cosycave.co.uk/index.php?id_ … er=product

(ideal if your Pi is by the antenna)

That’s a nice little amplifier, thanks for posting.

It is, but it shares the problem that so many of these LNA have … the power arrangement makes them ideal for the receiver end of the co-ax rather than the antenna end.

That’s true. I suppose it’s more suited for a setup with a RPi right next to the antenna, which as it happens is the plan I have for a new feeder.

When you add the price of a power inserter, power supply and amp it looks a good buy for a small/integrated setup.