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Antenna/System protection

Antenna and system protection. Just having recently got a pi with a RTL-SDR stick up and running and feeding. Now I’m looking at putting an external Antenna up. The pi and indoor antenna are currently up in the loft space and the pi will stay up there with my (homemade) antenna going out on a mast. Trying to keep the co-ax run as short as possible but looking at where I have to position it, I’m looking at about 20 feet (6-7m) Any recommendations for antenna and system protection? Thanks.

The antenna sold by FA is a great one, I have it outside for almost two years.
For 7 m probably you don’t need an amplifier, but if you add filtering, it’s a good idea to get one (powered via coax cable).
As precaution against static electricity, I have connected the base of the antenna metal to a ground rod with a long, straight as possible, copper wire. Don’t know if is possible in your case.

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